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Prospect Scouting Scale

8 - Franchise Player
7 - Regular All-Star
6 - Impact Everyday Player
5.5 - Above-Average Regular
5 - Average Regular
4.5 - Bench/Utility Player
4 - Up & Down Player
3 - "Org" High Minors Contributor
2 - Non-Prospect
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Grades listed for each player are MLB projection; Floor-Ceiling

Red Sox Minor League Free Agency Eligibility

The following players will be eligible for minor league free agency in November of the stated year unless they are added to the 40-man roster or re-signed prior to that time.

November 2024

Melvin Adón
Jason Alexander
Eddy Alvarez
Jorge Benitez

Royman Blanco
Cam Booser
Felix Cepeda
Mark Contreras
Nick Decker
Alison Del Orbe
Dalton Guthrie
Justin Hagenman

Mark Kolozsvary
Lucas Luetge
Helcris Olivarez

Zach Penrod
Roberto Pérez

AJ Politi
Jamie Westbrook
November 2025

Angel Bastardo
Zach Bryant
Brendan Cellucci
Juan Daniel Encarnación
Albert Feliz
Michael Fulmer
Grant Gambrell
Bryan Gonzalez
Gabriel Jackson
Eduardo Lopez
Matthew Lugo
Wyatt Mills
Eddinson Paulino
Reidis Sena
Cody Scroggins
Chase Shugart
Karson Simas
Nick Sogard
Luis Talavera
Ryan Zeferjahn
November 2026

Brainer Bonaci
Bryce Bonnin
Allan Castro
Juan Chacon
Nathanael Cruz
Kelvin Diaz
Jhostynxon Garcia
Alexis Hernandez
Francis Hernandez
Blaze Jordan
Robert Kwiatkowski
Chih-Jung Liu
Yordanny Monegro
Juan Montero
Ronald Rosario
Johnfrank Salazar
Miguel Ugueto
Brian Van Belle
Jeremy Wu-Yelland
Nick Yorke
November 2027

Karim Ayubi
Alex Binelas
Miguel Bleis
Taylor Broadway
Theo Denlinger
Hunter Dobbins
Max Ferguson
Richard Fitts
Luis Guerrero
Nathan Hickey
Niko Kavadas
Ahbram Liendo
Enderso Lira
Matt Litwicki
Elih Marrero
Marcelo Mayer
Tyler McDonough
Daniel McElveny
Alvaro Mejias
Tyler Miller
Wyatt Olds
Jedixson Paez
Luis Ravelo
Yonfi Rodriguez
Elmer Rodriguez
Corey Rosier
Armando Sierra
Phillip Sikes
Christopher Troye
Tyler Uberstine
Diego Viloria
Jacob Webb
November 2028

Cooper Adams
Marvin Alcantara
Roman Anthony
Yosander Asencio
Gilberto Batista
Caleb Bolden
Jonathan Brand
Brooks Brannon
Kristian Campbell
Enrique Carta
Max Carlson
Cutter Coffey
Isaac Coffey
Luis Cohen
Willian Colmenares
Noah Dean
Darlyn De La Cruz
Fraymi De Leon
Matt Duffy
Connelly Early
Drew Ehrhard
Freili Encarnacion
Cade Feeney
Zach Fogell
Johanfran Garcia
Diego Hernández
Alex Hoppe
Jojo Ingrassia
Nicholas Judice
Nathan Landry
Yohander Linarez
Andy Lugo
Chase Meidroth
Hayden Mullins
Franyer Noria
Christian Nunez
Trennor O'Donnell
Cristofher Paniagua
Ángel Pierre
Eybersson Polanco
Enmanuel Polo
Ovis Portes
Denis Reguillo
Justin Riemer
Dalton Rogers
Anger Romero
Mikey Romero
Caden Rose
Denison Sanchez
David Sandlin
Jancel Santana
Noah Song
Elvis Soto
Isaac Stebens
Nelly Taylor
Kyle Teel
Stanley Tucker
Blake Wehunt
CJ Weins
Nathanael Yuten
November 2029

Antonio Anderson
Franklin Arias
Breilin Arredondo
Obed Balderas
Justin Barry
Gilberto Batista
Yodrian Beltre
Yoeilin Cespedes
Yoelvin Chirino
Greider Colina
Nixson Cueche
Nicolas De La Cruz
Hanssell De Los Santos
Raimundo De Los Santos
Chad Delancey
Austin Ehrlicher
Claudio Evangelista
Jesus Garcia
Juan Henriquez
Luis Jerez
Frederik Jimenez
Chansol Lee
Liosward Marin
Jose Martinez
Andruw Musett
Starlyn Nunez
William Reynoso
Gerardo Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez
Wuilliams Rodriguez
Yoiber Ruiz
Kleyber Salazar
Deybi Salcedo
Oscar Sanchez
Moises Semerite
Cristofer Soriano
Conor Steinbaugh
Juan Valera
Yeferson Vargas
Nazzan Zanetello
November 2030

Jhon Alcantara
Christopher Alvarado
Alexander Alzi
Samuel Arroyo
Vladimir Asencio
Enddy Azocar
Tavano Baker
Adam Bates
Felix Belisario
Merlin Bido
Moises Bolivar
Yander Bonaci
Josue Brito
Edwin Brito
Luis Cabrera
Carlos Carrasquel
Edwin Darville
Jhiancarlos Diaz
Anderson Fermin
Jomar Fernandez
Ilan Fernandez
Madinson Frias
Gilbel Galvan
Jose Golindano
Justin Gonzales
Yohandry Gonzalez
Wilfre Hernandez
Jesus Lugo
Angel Luis
Alexander Mambel
Juan Medina
Rafi Montesino
Dariel Morillo
Cesar Muzziotti
Jeison Payano
Jhoan Peguero
Yahir Pena
Jeremy Pena
Avinson Pinto
Abis Prado
Dalvinson Reyes
Emanuel Reyna
Dani Richar
Migeul Rivera
Jorge Rodriguez
Shnaider Rojas
Kenyon Simmons
Givian Sirvania
Justim Sojo
Efren Teran
Jesus Travieso
Yoandys Veraza
Tejahari Wilson
Charlie Zink
November 2031

November 2032

Minor League Free Agency Explained

Governing Rules. Minor League Free Agency is governed by Article XX of the CBA, Rule 55 of the Major League Rules,  and Addendum A to the Minor League Uniform Player Contract. 

Minor League Contract Length. Amateur players (whether drafted, undrafted, or international) signing their first professional contracts generally sign minor league contracts that allow the signing organization to have seven (7) seasons of control of that player, after which point that player can become a minor league free agent (“MLFA”).  For example, Keith Couch signed a minor league contract with the Red Sox in 2010.  He played seven seasons with the organization (2010-2016) and became a minor league free agent following the 2016 season.

Commencement of Minor League Contracts. The contracts of drafted players and undrafted free agents must commence in the season in which they were drafted or signed.  For example, the first year of Mookie Betts' minor league contract was 2011, even though he signed on August 15 that year, with only a couple weeks left in the minor league season. The rules did not permit the club to sign him to a contract commencing in 2012.  For international players, minor league contracts may commence the following season if the player signs on or after July 2 (often referred to as a "Future Contract").  For example, the first year of Rafael Devers' minor league contract was 2014, because he signed a Future Contract on July 2, 2013.

Major League Contracts. A minor league contract is replaced with a major league contract if and when a player is added to the 40-man roster.  Major league contracts are governed by different rules and timelines. So while a club technically has seven years of control prior to minor league free agency, the club will often need to add highly-regarded prospects to the 40-man roster prior to the end of that period, because that players' performance has merited it, either to join the active roster of the major league club or for protection from selection in the Rule 5 Draft.

Timing of Free Agency. On or before August 1 of each season, the Commissioner's Office is required to circulate a list of players who are eligible to become MLFAs in the upcoming off-season. An eligible player may sign a "successor contract" with his current team prior to October 15, and therefore would not become a MLFA.  On the fifth day after the end of the World Series, remaining eligible players officially become MLFAs and may sign with other clubs.

Exceptions. There are some exceptions to the seven year minor league free agency period:

Article XX(D) Free Agents. Any player: (1) with 3+ years of major league service time and whose contract is assigned outright to a minor league club; or (2) whose contract is assigned outright to a minor league club for the second time or any subsequent time in his career may elect, in lieu of accepting such assignment, to become a MLFA. For example, the Red Sox attempted to outright Anthony Varvaro to Pawtucket in November 2015.  He had 3 years and 121 days of major league service time at that point.  Varvaro elected to refuse the outright assignment and become a free agent.

Restricted List. If a player is placed on the Restricted List (suspended) at any point in a given season, that entire season will not count for service towards minor league free agency, and therefore the player's eligibility will be extended for another year.  Players have the right to appeal this. For example, Tyler Spoon was suspended for a portion of the 2017 season. While his original contract called for him to be eligible for minor league free agency after the 2021 season, this rule pushes MLFA elgibility back to the 2022 season.

Second Pro Contract. Sometimes minor league players are signed to minor league contracts by a new organization after being released by their original organization prior to when their original contract would have expired had they not been released. In those circumstances, the player usually signs a one-year minor league deal with the new club.  However, on occasion the player signs a multi-year deal.  For example, Dustin Lawley signed his original 7-year minor league contract with the Mets in 2011.  The Mets released him prior to the 2015 season, with what would have been 3 years left of team control. The Red Sox then signed Lawley later in 2015.  At that point, the Red Sox could have signed him to a one-year deal, or they could have signed a multi-year deal through future seasons.

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