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Red Sox International Signings
2024  2023  2022
2021  2019  2018  2017  2016  2015
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2008  2007  2006  2005  2004  2003
Player  Pos. Country  Bonus Month
Miguel Bleis OF Dominican $1,500,000 Jan-2021
Enderso Lira C Venezuela $850,000 Jan-2021
Luis Ravelo SS Dominican $545,000 Jan-2021
Jedixson Paez RHP Venezuela $450,000 Jan-2021
Ahbram Liendo 2B Venezuela $450,000 Jan-2021
Alvaro Mejias RHP Venezuela $300,000 Jan-2021
Jean Carlos Reyes RHP Dominican $195,000 Jan-2021
Armando Sierra OF Dominican $150,000 Jan-2021
Josue Castillo SS Dominican $150,000 Jan-2021
Angel Lopez RHP Venezuela $150,000 Jan-2021
Elvys Castro OF Venezuela $140,000 Jan-2021
Yizreel Burnet RHP Curacao $125,000 Jan-2021
Karim Ayubi OF Curacao $85,000 Jan-2021
Daniel Nunez LHP Venezuela $50,000 Jul-2021
Eybersson Polanco RHP Venezuela $50,000 Jul-2021
Smil Guzman RHP Dominican $22,500 Oct-2021
Jogly Brayan Garcia RHP Venezuela $20,000 Mar-2021
Cristian Nunez RHP Dominican $20,000 Nov-2021
Yevganni Reinita 2B Curacao $10,000 Jan-2021
Helison Mota 2B Dominican $10,000 Jan-2021
Andy Lugo 3B Dominican $10,000 Jul-2021
Yonfi Rodriguez RHP Dominican $10,000 Jul-2021
Ronny Ramirez OF Dominican $10,000 Jul-2021
Anddy Flores LHP Venezuela $10,000 Jul-2021
Ali Ascanio RHP Venezuela $10,000 Oct-2021
Junior Delanda RHP Dominican $10,000 Oct-2021
Jose Liriano OF Dominican $5,000 Nov-2021
Claudio Simon 2B Dominican $5,000 Dec-2021
Wandy Abreu RHP Dominican $1,000 Nov-2021
Hirokazu Sawamura RHP Japan *$0 Feb-2021
Jesus Lopez RHP Venezuela Voided May-2021

Miguel BleisNotes

Date Range: January 15, 2021 to December 15, 2021
Co-Directors of International Scouting: Todd Claus & Rolando Pino
Bonus Pool: $5,348,100
Approx. Bonus Pool Spent: $5,252,500
* Does not count against international signing cap
Bold: Player currently in the Red Sox organization
= Player has MLB experience
Pictured: Miguel Bleis

Player  Pos. Country  Bonus Month
Juan Chacon OF Venezuela $900,000 Jul-2019
Chih-Jung Liu RHP Taiwan $750,000 Oct-2019
Lyonell James IF Dominican $440,000 Jul-2019
Rivaldo Avila C Venezuela $405,000 Jul-2019
Johnfrank Salazar SS Venezuela $400,000 Aug-2019
Jhostynxon Garcia SS Venezuela $350,000 Jul-2019
Kelvin Diaz SS Dominican $300,000 Jul-2019
Nathanael Cruz RHP Dominican $200,000 Jul-2019
Cesar Ruiz RHP Venezuela $200,000 Jul-2019
Jose Mendez SS Venezuela $200,000 Jul-2019
Francis Hernandez RHP Dominican $142,000 Sep-2019
Alexis Hernandez OF Venezuela $140,000 Jul-2019
Allan Castro SS Dominican $100,000 Jul-2019
Renny Flores C Venezuela $90,000 Jul-2019
Diego Saavedra OF Venezuela $90,000 Jul-2019
Jackson Camejo OF Venezuela $90,000 Jul-2019
Luis Perales RHP Venezuela $75,000 Jul-2019
Carlos Diaz C Venezuela $75,000 Jul-2019
Irving Medina RHP Mexico $60,000 Jul-2019
Jhon Garcia SS Venezuela $50,000 Jul-2019
Ronald Rosario C Venezuela $50,000 Jul-2019
Stiwar Adames LHP Dominican $50,000 Feb-2020
Diego Rodriguez IF Dominican $50,000 Mar-2020
Yordanny Monegro RHP Dominican $35,000 Feb-2020
Kevin Garcia OF Cuba $25,000 Oct-2020
Barbaro Pinero RHP Cuba $35,000 Sep-2019
Diego Viloria C Venezuela $25,000 Jul-2019
Starlin Santos LHP Dominican $25,000 Dec-2019
Sebastian Guerra SS Venezuela $25,000 Jul-2019
Cesar Soto RHP Dominican $25,000 Jul-2019
Miguel Ugueto OF Venezuela $10,000 Aug-2019
Claudio Richetti C Dominican $10,000 Oct-2019
Albertson Asigen OF Dominican $10,000 Oct-2019
Kawan Silva RHP Brazil $10,000 Jul-2019
Victor De Leon RHP Dominican $10,000 Dec-2019
Michael Valera RHP Dominican $7,000 Jul-2019
Simon Pacheco RHP Venezuela $5,000 Sep-2019
Eduardo Diaz LHP Venezuela $3,000 Oct-2019

Juan ChaconNotes

Date Range: July 2, 2019 to October 15, 2020
Co-Directors of International Scouting: Todd Claus & Rolando Pino
Initial Bonus Pool: $5,398,300
Traded Kevin Pillar and cash to COL for a PTBNL and ~$161,200 in additional pool space
Final Bonus Pool: $5,559,500
Bonus Pool Spent: $5,402,001
Bold: Player currently in the Red Sox organization
= Player has MLB experience
Pictured: Juan Chacon

Player  Pos. Country  Bonus Month
Eduardo Lopez OF Dominican $1,150,000 Jul-2018
Eduardo Vaughan CF Panama $550,000 Jul-2018
Bryan Gonzalez OF Dominican $500,000 Jul-2018
Giancarlos Santana OF Dominican $460,000 Jul-2018
Albert Feliz OF Dominican $400,000 Jul-2018
Naysbel Marcano C Venezuela $350,000 Jul-2018
Gabriel Jackson RHP Dominican $350,000 Jul-2018
Brainer Bonaci SS Venezuela $290,000 Jul-2018
Noelberth Romero SS Venezuela $275,000 Jul-2018
Wikelman Gonzalez RHP Venezuela $250,000 Jul-2018
Eddinson Paulino SS Dominican $205,000 Jul-2018
Carlos Reyes RHP Dominican $180,000 Jul-2018
Angeudis Santos IF Dominican $110,000 Sep-2018
Luis Talavera RHP Venezuela $100,000 Jul-2018
Elio Prado CF Venezuela $85,000 Jul-2018
Alixandri Alvarez SS Venezuela $85,000 Jul-2018
Claudio Ochoa RHP Venezuela $75,000 Jul-2018
Axel James SS Dominican $60,000 Jul-2018
Andres Ortuno RHP Venezuela $50,000 Jul-2018
Imanol Contreras SS Dominican $50,000 Jul-2018
Alex Zapete 3B Venezuela $45,000 Jul-2018
Juan D. Encarnación RHP Dominican $40,000 Sep-2018
Angel Bastardo RHP Venezuela $35,000 Jul-2018
Frailyn Sanchez RHP Dominican $35,000 Aug-2018
Darel Belen OF Dominican $35,000 Feb-2019
Jack Bowins RHP Australia $30,000 Mar-2019
Andy Pena CF Venezuela $25,000 Jul-2018
Moises Castellanos RHP Venezuela $25,000 Sep-2018
Efren Diaz RHP Venezuela $22,500 Jul-2018
Wilmer Perez SS Dominican $20,000 May-2019
Faysel Gregorio RHP Curacao $10,000 Aug-2018
Adrian Hernandez RHP Venezuela $10,000 Oct-2018
Railin Perez RHP Dominican $10,000 Nov-2018
Reidis Sena RHP Dominican $10,000 Dec-2018
Miguel Rojas C Venezuela $10,000 Feb-2019
Henry Morales OF Dominican $10,000 Mar-2019
Jesus Marrero OF Venezuela $10,000 Aug-2018
Moises Barajas OF Venezuela $10,000 Oct-2018
Richardson Jimenez SS Dominican $10,000 Jul-2018
Gregori Custodio 3B Dominican $10,000 Jul-2018
Armando Acosta RHP Dominican $10,000 Jul-2018
Frank Astacio IF Dominican $7,000 Sep-2018
Yulis Hernandez SS Dominican $5,000 Jul-2018
Yorberto Mejicano RHP Dominican $5,000 Jan-2019

Eduardo LopezNotes

Date Range: July 2, 2018 to June 15, 2019
Global Scouting Supervisor: Todd Claus

Initial Bonus Pool: $4,983,500
Traded Lorenzo Cedrola for $1,500,000 of additional pool space
Traded $500,000 in pool space with Blake Swihart for Marcus Wilson

Final Bonus Pool: $5,983,500 
Bonus Pool Spent: $5,802,500
Bold: Player currently in the Red Sox organization
= Player has MLB experience
Pictured: Eduardo Lopez

Player  Pos. Country  Bonus Month
Daniel Flores C Venezuela $3,100,000 Jul-2017
Danny Diaz SS Venezuela $1,600,000 Jul-2017
Antoni Flores SS Venezuela $1,400,000 Jul-2017
Nelfy Abreu SS Dominican $450,000 Jul-2017
Denny Daza SS Venezuela $250,000 Jul-2017
Wilker Vargas SS Venezuela $175,000 Jul-2017
Brayan Aquino RHP Dominican $100,000 Jul-2017
Luis Mota SS Venezuela $50,000 Jul-2017
Felix Cepeda RHP Dominican $40,000 Jul-2017
Jose Ramirez RHP Dominican $40,000 May-2018
Alejandro Crisostomo RHP Dominican $40,000 Jul-2017
Jorge Rodriguez LHP Mexico $37,500 Nov-2017
Nixson Munoz LHP Nicaragua $30,000 Jul-2017
Brayan Bello RHP Dominican $28,000 Jul-2017
Irvin Villarroel RHP Venezuela $25,000 Feb-2018
Carlos Velez LHP Dominican $20,000 Sep-2017
Juan Rojas 3B Venezuela $20,000 Feb-2018
Gabriel Perez OF Venezuela $20,000 Aug-2017
Angel Maita OF Venezuela $17,500 Sep-2017
Jesus Maita OF Venezuela $17,500 Sep-2017
Carlos Sanchez OF Dominican $15,000 Mar-2018
Gilberto Jimenez OF Dominican $10,000 Aug-2017
Ceddanne Rafaela SS Curacao $10,000 Jul-2017
Miguel Suero RHP Dominican $10,000 Sep-2017
Alexander Montero RHP Dominican $10,000 Jul-2017
Yasel Santana RHP Dominican $10,000 Jul-2017
Gregori Segovia RHP Venezuela $10,000 Jul-2017
Jesus Rosillo RHP Venezuela $10,000 Jul-2017
Robinson Parra RHP Venezuela $10,000 Feb-2018
Marco Cardoso IF Germany $10,000 Jul-2017
Nelson Teran C Venezuela $10,000 Aug-2017
Andres Gari C Venezuela $10,000 Aug-2017
Johan Martinez RHP Dominican $10,000 Jul-2017
Carlos Martinez OF Dominican $10,000 Jul-2017
Leonel Jimenez IF Panama $10,000 Jul-2017
Robinson Montero RHP Venezuela $10,000 Jul-2017
Ruben Hernandez OF Venezuela $10,000 Jul-2017
Gabriel Quintero OF Venezuela $10,000 Jul-2017
Angel Sosa RHP Venezuela $10,000 Jul-2017
Brandon Rincones SS Aruba $10,000 Jul-2017
Juan Crisostomo RHP Dominican $10,000 Dec-2017
Justin Qiangba C China $10,000 Jul-2017
Gamaliel Gonzalez C Panama $10,000 Jan-2018
Argenis Batista LHP Dominican $10,000 Oct-2017
Yoelvis Guedez RHP Venezuela $10,000 Nov-2017
Yordin Lozano OF Dominican $10,000 Jul-2017
Jonathan Diaz C Dominican $7,500 Jul-2017
Juan Morillo RHP Dominican $7,500 Jul-2017
Kelvin Sanchez LHP Dominican $7,500 Jul-2017
Royman Blanco RHP Venezuela $7,000 Dec-2017
Erick Flores C Venezuela $7,000 Dec-2017
Bryan Lucas RHP Dominican $5,000 Jul-2017
Jeison Pena RHP Dominican $5,000 Jul-2017
Emerson Ortiz RHP Dominican $5,000 Jul-2017
Alberto Franco RHP Dominican $5,000 Jul-2017
Jose Navas C Venezuela $5,000 Jul-2017
Felix Gomez LHP Venezuela $5,000 Sep-2017
Cristofe Tineo RHP Dominican $5,000 Dec-2017
Isaias Ozoria LHP Dominican $5,000 Mar-2018
Oscar Rangel C Venezuela $3,000 Feb-2018
Jose Larez RHP Venezuela $3,000 Jul-2017
Osvaldo De La Rosa RHP Dominican $1,000 Mar-2018
Alvaro Leal LHP Venezuela $1,000 Mar-2018
Beiker Pineda RHP Venezuela $1,000 Nov-2017
Lewis Baez OF Dominican $1,000 Jul-2017
Isaac Pinales RHP Dominican $1,000 Jul-2017
Jose Bens RHP Dominican $1,000 Aug-2017
Esteban Quiroz IF Mexico $0* Nov-2017
Aldo Ramirez RHP Mexico N/A** Apr-2018
Hansel Viola RHP Dominican N/A May-2018
Breiner Licona C Colombia N/A May-2018
Erison Medina RHP Dominican N/A Jun-2018

Gilberto JimenezNotes

Date Range: July 2, 2017 to June 15, 2018
Global Scouting Supervisor: Todd Claus
Initial Bonus Pool: $4,750,000
Traded Nick Longhi to CIN for $2,750,000 additional pool space
Traded Imeldo Diaz and Stanley Espinal to STL for $500,000 additional pool space
* Esteban Quiroz's bonus did not count towards cap
** Red Sox purchased Aldo Ramirez's rights for $550,000

Final Bonus Pool: $8,000,000
Approx. Bonus Pool Spent: $7,973,500
Bold: Player currently in the Red Sox organization
= Player has MLB experience
N/A: Bonus information not available at this time
Pictured: Gilberto Jimenez

Player  Pos. Country  Bonus Month
Hector Velazquez RHP Mexico $30,000 Feb-2017
Jorge Hernandez RHP Cuba N/A Jan-2017

Hector VelazquezNotes

Date Range: July 2, 2016 to June 15, 2017
Global Scouting Supervisor: Todd Claus
Organization banned from signing international free agents with certain exceptions
= Player has MLB experience
N/A: Bonus information not available at this time
Pictured: Hector Velazquez

Player  Pos. Country  Bonus Month
Albert Guaimaro* OF Venezuela $300,000 Jul-2015
Simon Muzziotti* OF Venezuela $300,000 Jul-2015
Antonio Pineiro* SS Venezuela $300,000 Jul-2015
Eduardo Torrealba* SS Venezuela $300,000 Jul-2015
Cesar Gonzalez* RHP Venezuela $300,000 Jul-2015
Rafael Rincones OF Venezuela $300,000 Aug-2015
Junior Figueroa RHP Venezuela $300,000 Aug-2015
Gregory Santos RHP Dominican $275,000 Aug-2015
Everlouis Lozada 2B Venezuela $250,000 Jul-2015
Yeison Coca SS Dominican $220,000 Jul-2015
Ronald Gutierrez RHP Venezuela $200,000 Jul-2015
Kervin Suarez SS Venezuela $100,000 Jul-2015
Bryan Mata RHP Venezuela $25,000 Jan-2016
Oddanier Mosqueda LHP Venezuela $10,000 Jul-2015
Pedro Castellanos OF Venezuela $5,000 Jul-2015
Joan Martinez RHP Dominican $5,000 Jan-2016
Juan Florentino RHP Dominican N/A Jul-2015
Andres Jimenez RHP Venezuela N/A Jul-2015
Manuel Ramirez RHP Venezuela N/A Jul-2015
Daniel Rincon OF Venezuela N/A Jul-2015
Kleiber Rodriguez C Venezuela N/A Jul-2015
Ronaldo Pulgar 2B Venezuela N/A Jul-2015
Luis Hernandez SS Venezuela N/A Jul-2015
Fabian Andrade OF Venezuela N/A Jul-2015
Jesus Chacon IF Venezuela N/A Jul-2015
Juan Perez RHP Dominican N/A Aug-2015
Jose Mejias OF Venezuela N/A Oct-2015
Antonio Police RHP Dominican N/A Nov-2015
Rayniel Moreno LHP Venezuela N/A Nov-2015
Geraldo Perez RHP Dominican N/A Nov-2015
Brad Inglis RHP Australia N/A Jan-2016
Rayniel Adames RHP Dominican N/A Jan-2016
Ivan Jimenez RHP Venezuela N/A Feb-2016
Rafael Gomez RHP Venezuela N/A Jun-2016

Bryan MataNotes

Date Range: July 2, 2015 to June 15, 2016
Vice President of Amateur & International Scouting: Mike Rikard
Initial Bonus Pool: $3,681,000
Individual signings capped at $300,000
* Contract subsequently voided

Bold: Player currently in the Red Sox organization
= Player has MLB experience
N/A: Bonus information not available at this time
Pictured: Bryan Mata

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